Pet First Pet Insurance Review

Pet First Pet Insurance is currently underwritten by Independence American Insurance. What follows are the basics of a quote completed 12/29/2020 for a fictional Labrador Retriever Jojo, Male, neutered, 5 years old. Why a Lab? Well, because it is still the most popular breed in the United States I guess. 

Insurer: Pet First

Dog: Jojo, Labrador Retriever, male, neutered, 5 years old

Annual limit: $10,000

Reimbursement rate: 90%

Deductible: $500

Accident waiting period: 1 day

Illness waiting Period: 14 days

Orthopedics waiting period: 6 months

Annual premium: $855.96

Monthly premium: 73.33

See important note on the right of this page!

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Pet First financials:

Pet First was recently purchased by Met Life (2019) and is underwritten by the same group as Figo Pet insurance.

Annual revenue: $71 million

Employees: 54 (note, these are just the actual corporate employees, many times this number does not always include claims processing and customer care staff, depending on organization set up.)

AM Best Rating: A- (for more information on AM best ratings go to

Personal thoughts: 

I have Pet First Pet Insurance on the beautiful little Beagle you see in the picture up there. I have found the following to be true:

Pleasant, polite and friendly customer service but like ALL customer service reps, do not rely on their word as far as what will or won't be covered - look to your policy.

Slightly lower than average pricing (I pay $594 for the almost 2 year old Beagle you see on this page, about 100 less than I pay for my other Beagle with Figo). 

Prices seem a bit more stable than other insurers I have worked with. 

Orthopedics waiting period is SIGNIFICANT. If you have a worry about genetic orthopedic conditions in your pet, you may want to look elsewhere - WITH THE ONE EXCEPTION NOTED BELOW!

Claims turnaround time slower than average and they will send a "denial" of your claim when it is really not. They consider any non-payment of a claim, even if actually approved and applied to your deductible, a denial. 

*NOTE: That I am aware of, this is the main insurance company offered through shelters across the country as a free 30 day policy when you adopt. If it is available on your dog, GET IT, fully review the policy and make sure it will work for you long term and if so KEEP IT!

They offer (at time of this writing) a ZERO DAY WAITING PERIOD for accidents, illnesses and orthopedic conditions if you get and keep up your policy provided by the shelter.  This is a substantial and unmatched benefit!

Figo  claims information:

Claims processing time: 14 days or less

Claims submission:

  • online 

  • mail (you know, with stamps and all)

  • fax (do people still do that?)

  • email

Reimbursement type:

  • mailed paper check

Sample policy on PDF below