Pets Best Pet Insurance

Figo Pet Insurance is currently underwritten by Independence American Insurance OR American Pet Insurance (depending on your location). What follows are the basics of a quote completed 12/29/2020 for a fictional Labrador Retriever Jojo, Male, neutered, 5 years old. Why a Lab? Well, because it is still the most popular breed in the United States I guess. 

Insurer: Pets Best

Dog: Jojo, Labrador Retriever, male, neutered, 5 years old

Annual limit: $Unlimited (10K policy not available)

Reimbursement rate: 90%

Deductible: $500

Accident waiting period: 3 days

Illness waiting Period: 14 days

Knee Injury waiting period: 6 months

Annual premium: $630.92

Monthly premium: $54.58


Pets Best financials:

Pets Best Insurance has been providing pet insurance to the US market since 2005.

Annual revenue: $46.5 million

Employees: 181 (note, these are just the actual corporate employees, many times this number does not always include claims processing and customer care staff, depending on organization set up.)

AM Best Rating: A- or A depending on underwriter (for more information on AM best ratings go to

Personal thoughts: 

I had Pets Best Pet Insurance on these two Beautiful babies you see in the picture right there. Both have now passed (miss you Oscar and Mayer) I have found the following to be true:

Pleasant, polite and friendly customer service but like ALL customer service reps, do not rely on their word as far as what will or won't be covered - look to your policy.

Inexpensive on new quote but fair sized price increases should be expected most years.

Pets Best is one of the few insurance companies out there without an upper age limit on their accident and illness plan. Many companies will take older dogs and cats on their accident plan but only a select few offer it for illness. 

Pets Best now has the option to direct pay your vet. It's a good option if you are short on money but otherwise just filler, I think, since most vets will work something out with you if they know the pet is insured. 

I do wish they would have offered a 10,000 policy limit option since, in my opinion, an unlimited benefit yearly is definitely overkill. I mean, if your pet needs a million dollars in care in a year, you probably should have elected euthanasia for humane reasons to alleviate suffering.

Figo  claims information:

Claims processing time: not stated

Claims submission:

  • online 

  • phone

  • mobile app

  • fax (do people still do that?)

  • email

  • mail (you know with a stamp...)

Reimbursement type:

  • Direct deposit 

  • mailed paper check

Sample policy on PDF below