Figo Pet Insurance Review

Figo Pet Insurance is currently underwritten by Independence American Insurance. What follows are the basics of a quote completed 12/29/2020 for a fictional Labrador Retriever Jojo, Male, neutered, 5 years old. Why a Lab? Well, because it is still the most popular breed in the United States I guess. 

Insurer: Figo

Dog: Jojo, Labrador Retriever, male, neutered, 5 years old

Annual limit: $10,000

Reimbursement rate: 90%

Deductible: $500

Accident waiting period: 3 days

Illness waiting Period: 14 days

Knee Injury waiting period: 6 months

Annual premium: $852.53

Monthly premium: 71.04


Figo financials:

Figo pet insurance is a relative newcomer in the insurance industry. They began in 2012 and are based in Chicago Illinois. 

Annual revenue: $757,692

Employees: 11 (note, these are just the actual corporate employees, many times this number does not always include claims processing and customer care staff, depending on organization set up.)

AM Best Rating: A- (for more information on AM best ratings go to

Personal thoughts: 

I have Figo Pet Insurance on the handsome Beagle you see in the picture right there. I have found the following to be true:

Pleasant, polite and friendly customer service but like ALL customer service reps, do not rely on their word as far as what will or won't be covered - look to your policy.

Average, middle of the road pricing (I pay 688 per year for Murphy, an almost 3 year old Beagle. 

Policy coverage has degraded somewhat since switching to Independence American as underwriter but premiums are much more stable. 

Claims turnaround time a bit slower than average but they offer direct deposit of payments which makes it just about average. 

Figo  claims information:

Claims processing time: 10 days or less

Claims submission:

  • online 

  • phone

  • mobile app

  • fax (do people still do that?)

  • email

Reimbursement type:

  • Direct deposit 

  • mailed paper check

Sample policy on PDF below