I don't WANT to buy insurance! What else can I do?

So, as I see it, there are 3 alternatives to buying insurance to cover your dog or cat:

1) Economic euthanasia

You have the option of euthanizing your dog or cat rather than providing necessary medical care. Euthanasia costs around 300 dollars with no extra pre-euthanasia sedation or post-euthanasia ashes/paw print. (This number is a national average, real costs may be higher or lower.) Insuring an adult (2+ years old) mixed breed, medium-sized dog costs start around 300 dollars. Hmmm...I'm sensing a little theme here.

2) Provide only minimal (or no) health care

An option people do take to be sure. If you want to take this option this probably isn't your kind of website I'm guessing.

3) Provide your pet a savings account.

Routine and minor injury health care for a dog averages (nationally) 2000 dollars per year. This is the bare minimum amount you need to have put away to cover only the most basic care for your pet. Our hypothetical insurance policy above plus annual deductible plus annual wellness care (for which I do not advocate buying insurance) will set you back 1200 dollars annually. Hmmm...again with the theme.

Those are your options as I see them. You may be able to think of others, like relying on the kindness of strangers I guess, but these are the ones I think are feasible and realistic. Hopefully I have convinced you, but if not, please read some of my other posts and feel free to ask me any questions below.

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