The insurance I have sucks! I'm going to cancel!

As Willy Wonka once said, "I wouldn't do that; I really wouldn't." What!? You mean let them keep my money and deny my claim? What is that garbage?

Let's do an imaginary scenario. Your boyfriend promises to take you to dinner and then conveniently "forgets". Do you break up with him on the spot? Or do you stay with him and make him suffer for it? Okay, don't do that but you get my point. Cancelling an existing insurance policy rewards the insurer for their "bad" behavior of denying your claim. I say stick with them and make them suffer for it, but there are even better reasons not to cancel.

1) All people have claims denied from time to time no matter how careful they have been in choosing their insurance. Yes, even me.

2) All insurance companies deny claims that should be covered and on rare occasion push through a claim that shouldn't have gone through.

3) No insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, and they use this term VERY, VERY, VERY liberally. That ear infection your dog had 3 years ago? Well that's a "pre-existing condition" and they can never have coverage for that again. Your dog was limping 2 years ago and now has bone cancer? Whoops! Can't cover that, pre-existing.

Let's look at the above in the context of a story, because I love stories. Your beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Butch, got his first insurance policy at 8 weeks old with insurance company Dewey, Screwum and Howe. You faithfully paid all of your policy premiums on time and at 6 months old you bring Butch to the vet for a little limp. Your vet, Dr. Demento, looks Butch over very carefully and decides Butch probably just strained a muscle. So you walk away with NSAID's.

But whoops, you forgot all about filing Butch's insurance claim with Dewey, Screwum and Howe so by the time this gets done, the 90 day filing deadline has passed and your claim is denied. You naturally become enraged and after fighting with the insurance company for 2 months, you decide you are going to cancel those guys!

Fast forward 3 years and your new insurance company has been great! But poor Butch, he's limping again! So you go back to Dr. Demento and this time you discover that Butch actually has a medial patellar luxation and will require a very expensive surgery to correct it. You submit the bill to Good Guys and they deny you. Wait? What?!? Why?!?! Well, you provided all of Butch's records to Good Guys as they had requested and Good Guys noted a limp 3 years ago. Now, in order to avoid a large surgery bill, Good Guys declares that limp to be a "sign or symptom" of MPL and therefore the surgery is not covered.

So the moral of the story is claims WILL be denied, you should use up all of your available appeals but sometimes they will STILL be denied. With any company you choose. Changing companies the way you change underwear won't help, and may, in fact, put you in the dreaded situation of paying for a much larger bill because of a "pre-existing condition".

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